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G-Strings and Video Games

Sexualization of females characters in video games is a…sensitive subject to say the least. On one extreme side there’s a bunch of shrieking man children who complain that the wicked feminist are trying to ruin games for them. On the extreme side there are the people who are completely against any sort of sexualization when it comes to female characters in video games.

And they’re both wrong.

The people in the middle may have feelings that lead towards one of the extremes but in general, the middle ground is right in this case. There’s absolutely no reason it should be something so controversial. Changes need to be made but not extreme changes. And the changes wouldn’t effect the games in anyway.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with a sexy female character. There’s nothing inherently wrong with skimpy costumes. The problem overwhelming is that most of the time it tends to apply to female characters. It’s so rare to have a male character who gets put up as a sex symbol the same way as female characters do.

Imagine a game like Bayonetta (a rather popular title) and then replace the title character with a man who wears his hair and seductively sucks on lollipops. I’d play the hell out of it! New favorite game. 10/10. Four stars! But it’s unlikely to happen. And that’s where the problem comes in. Bayonetta is a great character, even though she just oozes sex. And the big reason is that it all ties into her character perfectly. She is a sexual being; she likes sex. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

But then you get to games that have badass sniper women wearing the skimpiest outfits with the lamest excuses. It doesn’t fit into the character but if anyone tries to suggest that, they throw a huge fit. I see it again and again and again. Games where female characters automatically get skimpy armor, battle bikinis and g-strings, while men are in full armor. And it’s bullshit. But you know what would not make it bullshit? Letting me put my damn male knight in a g-string. Cause why not? It’s just a game, it shouldn’t matter. Maybe it fits into the character I’m playing. You don’t know my life. You don’t know my kinks!

It just seems like there’s such a simple compromise for this argument. Dragon Age: Inquistion did very well without having to put the female characters in g-string armor. There was plenty of eye candy. Sexy men and sexy women. Sexy giant grey monsters with horns and one-eye. Something for everybody. But the idea of making games in that same manner seems to upset people so much.

It just doesn’t make any sense.


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The Addicting Mystery of Overwatch

Why is Overwatch so addicting?

On a personal level, I hate first person shooter games. More importantly, I really dislike multiplayer games in general. There’s always some squeaky voiced teenage boy throwing a tantrum because the team is losing and screaming for healing because he keeps charging ahead of the rest of the team. That asshole is always the one that doesn’t play the objectives and leaves the one healer in the team trying to stick around and actually accomplish the main goal of the game. …not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.

But seriously, my experience with most multiplayer games has been people yelling and shrieking like they were being murdered because something happened that they didn’t like. It happened in GTA: Online, in the mutli-player version of Assassin’s Creed, and in pretty much every other game I’ve tried to play with other people online.

It pretty much turned me off of playing multiplayer games for the longest time.

And then Overwatch came out and I avoided it like the plague. Another FPS game that would be full of screaming children tossing around slurs like they’re soooo edgy. I did a good job of avoiding it. In fact, I avoided it for almost a year. My friends were really into it, people I watched on youtube would talk about and play it constantly, and I just couldn’t stop hearing about it.

Eventually my curiosity was piqued but I prefer playing first person games on my Xbox and I didn’t particularly want to pay all that money for it (especially since it was so much cheaper to just get the basic version of it for PC). I didn’t know if I was going to like it and after my experience with games like TF2 and Destiny, I wasn’t going to risk my money. So I kept putting it off and off. But I kept finding myself getting more and more interested as more and more people talked about it.

Then Microsoft decided to do a free-play weekend. I downloaded it (which took forever thanks to shitty internet) and eventually gave it a try.

Oh god. I was hooked from the first ten minutes.

I went through the tutorial and I played the test matches against the AI, did the training with the robots to try out characters. I was so nervous about playing with actual people it took me over an hour before I gave it a try and stopped dicking around with the rest of the stuff. My first choice for a character was Mercy. I like healers, I like support classes. People tend to not like playing them but a good healer can change the outcome of a game, even if they rarely get recognition for it.

My first actual quick match against real live people went well. My team won and I feel like I contributed well. Several hours went by and I kept playing and playing. I eventually had to turn off the volume because there was still the problem of screaming teenage boys and there are few things that make my fists pucker up as much as that high, whiny octave they yell in. But with mute on, it wasn’t a problem. People generally worked together really well and I didn’t feel like I was doing too terrible. At least until I tried playing Hanzo or Genji.

I got hooked and I got hooked fast. I played the game constantly over the free weekend and eventually had to give in and purchase the game.

And now I can’t stop playing it. I still love my Mercy but I’ve expanded my the characters I play a lot too. I can do well with Zenyatta and D.Va is my go to. My most favorite thing to do however is go into the game mode where you get assigned random characters after each death. I’ll go whole games getting only characters I never play and though I’m not that great at them, I have a hell of a time playing.

At this point I’ve put way too many hours into it, more than I’ve ever put into any other FPS or any other multiplayer game. It’s still baffling to me how the devs managed to make such a perfect game to appeal to someone who hates everything their game stands for.

By god though, it is a great game.

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Gabbing Gamer Girl Beginnings

I have always loved video games.

I remember being a very young child and somehow my family got their hands on a Sega Genesis. It was the first time I’d ever seen a game system (the Sega had only been out for a few years at that point) and I absolutely adored it. For hours I would sit there in front of the big, bulky black TV we had, staring at the screen and losing terribly at all the games we had (Disney games were hardcore).

There was something so addictive about it. Growing up, I had always been a bit awkward around people and more than a bit obnoxious. I never had very many friends so most of my free time was spent reading and, once we got it, playing on the Sega. I loved it. I never finished a single game on there that wasn’t based on a game show, but I still absolutely loved every frustrating minute with that system. We’d play together as a family, me and mother, my mother cursing as I beat her at Family Feud and Jeopardy and then goading me as she kicked my butt at Wheel of Fortune.

As I got older the Sega was soon regulated only to trips and grandmother’s house where she didn’t have cable. Instead we got a shiny, new N64. It was beautiful to my young eyes. I still remember the very 90’s purple controller and how awkward it was to hold (it was made for people with chest-arms). My mother had recently gotten married so the three of us would spend family time playing games together. Mario Kart, Donkey Kong, and Smash Brothers.  We’d play together and we’d watch each other play single-player games.

Ocarina of Time is the first game I ever remember beating all by myself; I spent so much time playing it and I was so proud of myself for finishing it without any help. My best friend at the time had her own N64 and when I spent the night at her house, we’d stay up super late playing Goldeneye and weird Japanese games that we didn’t really understand.

Anytime I think of the system, I remember it with fondness. But those memories are no doubt tainted by nostalgia. Compared to the games out today, the ones on the N64 are clunky and simply. But there’s beauty in the ugly simplicity of the graphics and controls, even today. Those low resolution polygons are pretty much childhood for me.


That system was sold near the beginning of middle school for extra needed cash. From then on we didn’t really have video games in the house, there were more important things despite my occasional whining. Sometimes we’d buy older games for our old desktop computer. I played a ton of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego and some game about an unlucky knight who was trying to do…something or other. I never actually got past the part in the knight game where I was supposed to get a pitchfork from the branches of a tree while on a Ferris Wheel.

Time passed and I started college. My love of gaming was rekindled by Steam. I didn’t have a desktop computer but I did have a laptop that did well enough with most games. I played Skyrim for the first time and from there on I was hooked. Saints Row 3 was next, shortly followed by Saints Row 4. From there on in I knew I wanted to get another console. I know that gaming is supposed to be better on a p.c. but once I saved up some money I bought the Xbox One and I adored it. My main reason for picking it was due to the vast and ever growing collection of older games (I needed to catch up after all).


That leads up to today and this blog!

I still love games and sometimes I even love the community and this blog is just my way to connect with that. It’ll be musing and thoughts about recent games I’ve played, about the gaming community in general, about being a girl who likes games.