The Day the Internet Died

It’s happened.

The internet is dead everyone.

Grab your veils and throw on your mourning best because we’ve got a funeral to attend.

Oh? You’d like to know why the internet is dead?

Why because some Youtuber people have decided to moderate or remove comments on their videos. It has killed the internet. And free speech of course. We should all take a moment of silence for the death of the internet and free speech.

Okay, seriously? I don’t understand the reaction that people have when someone decides to moderate their comment sections or their sites. It’s not violating your free speech. It’s not affecting you in any way other than maybe stopping you from being a huge fucking asshole for no reason. Most places have some form of moderation. Life itself is moderated whether you want to believe it or not. You can’t go up to your teacher and tell them that they should kill themselves. You’d get in a lot of trouble for that.

In real life the stuff that people say in these comment sections would be enough to get the cops called on them. And it’s not violating their free speech to do so. I wish these free speech whiners would remove their dicks from their hands long enough to do some self-reflection and realize they’re spending too much time focused on being a negative person.

But anyway.

Dearly beloved. We gather here today…


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