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I May Be An Adult But…

…damn if I don’t love sweet little simple kid’s games sometimes.

Not too long ago I invested in a 3DS. I saved up some money and then had to search all over town to get it since everywhere decided to be sold out of it when I wanted it. But eventually I found it, bought a couple of games, and I love it. It’s great for my lunch break when I don’t feel like watching anything or really doing much of anything. It’s also good for when I’m in a waiting room or something.

And even beyond that, some of the games are just great for relaxing at night after work. I’ve just bought Animal Crossing. It’s my first time ever playing the game and it’s just positively delightful. It’s colorful and sweet. There’s not too much to worry about doing, not too much to focus on.

It seems like so many people just like focusing on the challenge of games. If it’s not Dark Souls they don’t give a shit about it. I think there’s something to be said though for fun little games that don’t require much effort but calm you. We spend so much time just going, going, going that it’s nice to kick your feet up and chill.


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